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‘Gaming Video Content’ Could Be Bigger Than Netflix

According to research firm SuperData’s latest Games & Interactive Media Report, the audience for gaming-related content on Youtube and Twitch is more than twice the population of the United States.

“Companies that ignore GVC ads in favor of legacy media like cable TV risk missing tens of millions of potenial customers,” SuperData say.

Combined, Youtube’s Gaming content and Amazon’s Twitch streaming service an audience sefveral  times larger than even industry giants like Netflix, HBO or ESPN.

SuperData’s research also found an important correlation between the “Prime Time” of television and the periods of the week when “gaming content viewers are most likely to tune in to streams on sites like Twitch.”

Based on their data, “more people watch GVC than HBO, Netflix, ESPN and Hulu combined.”

Perhaps more interestingly, SuperData found that these audiences are defying the global trends towards consumer-controlled content and “are scheduling their viewing time around the schedules of their favorite broadcasters — similar to sports and TV programming.”

Amazon bought streaming platform Twitch in 2014 for $970 million.

The latest quarterly report on the service, conducted by StreamLabs, has claimed a 54% increase in monthly active streamers for the service over the last six months.

According to them, Twitch boasts an industry-leading average of approximately 750,000 concurrent viewers and an average of approximately 15,000 concurrent streamers.

StreamLabs credit this growth partially to broader expansion in the streaming video audience, but also the successful implementation of Twitch’s new affiliates and digital distribution initiatives.

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