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Galaxy S10 Outsells S9, Most Popular Series

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series has outsold the S9 generation in terms of sales figures for the quarter ending May 2019.

Counterpoint Research’s latest data shows that in total, 16 million S10 phones were sold globally during the March/May period – 12 per cent more than the S9 sales from the same period.

The data shows that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ was the most popular model, accounting for 42 per cent of the sales – roughly 6.7 million units.

It’s followed by the Galaxy S10 at 32 per cent (5.1 million units), then the Galaxy S10e at 22 per cent (3.5 million units).

However, the report did not include the Galaxy S10 5G into its calculations.

The report says the success of the Galaxy S10 series has contributed to a higher premium smartphone global market share for Samsung.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company took 25 per cent of the premium smartphone market – up 23 per cent in Q1 2018.

The Galaxy S10 series’ sales were shown to perform extremely well in the Netherlands, the UK, Brazil and China.

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