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Syntec Takes On New iPod Hi Fi Brand

Syntec Takes On New iPod Hi Fi Brand

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Syntec who took on the Tangent brand after parting company with Tannoy said that they will launch several new Tangent products in Australia including a CD player that comes with FM/DAB+ and iPod dock, a small table-top radio dock designed by Jacob Jensen, as well as a docking station and loudspeaker solution for Apple products. 

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Tangent was established by a group of dedicated hi-fi enthusiasts and is now known as a major specialist loudspeaker manufacturer.

Speaking to ChannelNews this morning, Syntec’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Wayne Farran said that they are excited to bring the new line of Tangent products to Australia.

“Tangent has managed to encompass quality products with European-centric design. Although they have a couple of radios, they are not just a box with knobs – the company made sure that they bring a lot of features onboard as well as quality sound. In addition, there are also multiple colour options on some of its products, giving users a choice,” said Farran.