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Western Digital Deliver Cloud Computing To TVs

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WD’s TV Live and MyBook Live

WD TV Live streaming media player can be connected via WiFi (802.11n) or through an Ethernet connection to play the multimedia you have stored on your disk drive on your television, in Full HD 1080p quality. 

Once connected it will deliver video services, internet radio and a variety of social networking applications, such as Facebook, YouTube and TuneIn Radio, directly to your TV. 

Additionally, Fun Spot Games can be played, with titles including Chess, Poker, Soduku and BlackJack. The included remote control is used as a gaming panel when getting your game on. 

Western Digital has also struck and agreement with Dailymotion video, sourcing quality video content from users, independent content creators and premium partners, which can be then played back through the portal.

Multimedia files, such as photos, videos and music can be played back directly onto your TV from any connected storage device, including camcorders, network drivers  and computers. 

“WD is committed to providing our customers with a premium entertainment experience that includes seamless streaming of personal media and the best of the internet directly to the highest wuality screen and sound system in the home,” said Jim Welsh, executive VP and GM of Western Digital. 

The dashboard used to navigate stored media has been optimised for TVs and is very simple to use. From the settings menu, there’s also a variety of customisation options, allowing users to configure the media player how they see fit. 

“By marrying advanced featured of the new wireless WD TV Live with quality content from service providers, we are excited to deliver on that commitment.” 

In related news, new and existing owners of Western Digital’s MyBook Live can now access their multimedia remotely via applications available from Apple’s app store and Android’s marketplace. 

WD 2go and WD 2go Pro allows Pods, iPhones, iPads and Android devices to connect to home networks within or outside of your home, granting access to files saved on your own personal network remotely. 

Western digital believe the applications “combine the benefits of both public and private cloud solutions,” offering a non-subscription cloud solution that ranges from 1TB – 3 TB in storage. 

The apps let users share files, stream media and access content anywhere, in an interface that is optimised for Android and iOS devices. 

“Consumers demand the anywhere any device access they can get from ‘the cloud’, but don’t want to pay monthly fees or lose control of their personal data. They want access to all their files without worrying about what files are synched to what device.

“The new WD 2go mobile apps and WD’s MY Book Live personal cloud storage, consumers now have a simple and fast way to securely store, share and access all their digital content from their mobile devices wherever they are.”

The WD 2go app is a free application while the pro equivalent is $2.99, and offers ‘clipping’, which is the transferring of data onto the device, automatic sync, content file sharing and additional security services.