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For Sale: One Slightly Used FttH Net

Want to take on the NBN with your very own fibre-to-the-home network? Here’s you chance: the Victorian Government’s Property Development Agency is planning to flog off an FttH network it has established among a ┬ánumber of housing developments in suburban Melbourne.

The network covers some 3460 lots across six estates, 653 of which are yet to have houses completed and connected to the network. The network does have around 2500 active services connected. The optical fibre network is said to include seven exchanges, claimed to have spare capacity and power back-up for future expansion.

Places Victoria operates the network as a wholesale carrier to three retail ISPs who offer Internet, telephone, and, in some cases, TV services. However the agency this week said it had found that operation of a telecommunications network did not align with its new “property and project development” mandate.

The agency has put its cost of providing the fibre network at more than $40 million.

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