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Big Retailers Winning Online

Big Retailers Winning Online

While Kogan may be doing well, new figures from KPMG show that Australians appear to prefer buying from a traditional retailer’s online store than an online-only retailer.

According to KPMG’s just-released 2017 Global Online Consumer Report, only 35 percent of Australians made their last online purchase from an online-only store, defying the global average of 50pc.

A dominant 44pc of online shoppers made their last purchase from a traditional retailer’s online store.

According to KPMG’s national leader of consumer markets Trent Duvall, “this shows there is an opportunity at the moment for bricks-and-mortar retailers to secure their positions … these are brands that we have grown up with, that have our trust, and trust is very important in the online buying experience.”

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