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Synergy Audio Visual Releases Rega DAC

Synergy Audio Visual Releases Rega DAC

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The Rega DAC is a 16/20/24-bit at 32kHz to 192kHz digital to analogue converter incorporating an enhanced version of the Rega designed circuit first developed for the reference Isis CD Player.

Manufactured by the British company, it is housed in a custom aluminium and steel case, and boasts a pair of Wolfson DAC IC’s, 5 user selectable digital filters, two isolated Co-axial inputs, two Toslink SPDIF inputs and an isolated USB input.

Its input stage comprises a Wolfson digital receiver with a high stability low jitter clock. Jitter is minimised by synchronously clocking the digital data with Rega’s receiver PLL.

With computers & other media devices now widely accepted as creditable mediums for storing and streaming music the use of high quality lossless files such as WAV, FLAC and ALAC offer performance through the DAC equal to and in some cases superior to red book CD, breathing life back into your music, and maximising the potential of your streamed audio.

Simon Webster, Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Rega said: “The Rega DAC is designed and engineered to perform way above its class and at only $899 represents something of a high end audio bargain.”

The Rega DAC is available from selected retailers throughout Australia.