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Economists Back EV Push

A poll of 62 of Australia’s top economists has found a majority support measures to boost the take-up of electric vehicles.

They include subsidising the purchase of EVs and public charging stations and setting a date to ban the import of petrol and diesel powered cars.

The poll, carried out by The Conversation, found 84 percent of respondents urged action to accelerate the take-up of EVs.

The next most popular was removing the luxury car tax from electric-only vehicles.

The 35 percent tax applies to cars valued at more than $69,152, and $79,659 for fuel-efficient vehicles.

About 43 percent of respondents supported making charging points compulsory in new homes and new car parks while 39 percent supported setting a date to ban the import of petrol and diesel cars.

South Australia’s Productivity Commission, Matthew Butlin said much of Australia was not urban and unlikely to be served by charging points for some time without government measures to speed their installation.

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