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Welcome Back, Walkman: Sony Cult Runs Gingerbread 2.3

Welcome Back, Walkman: Sony Cult Runs Gingerbread 2.3

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Bluetooth, DNLA, Micro USB support and even geo tagging all come as standard as well as the usual slew of Android tools. 

It also packs a punch on the audio front with Sony’s xLOUD output, and delivers a unique ‘social music’ experience with a dedicated ‘Walkman’ button giving that instant music hit, and even more tracks and videos via Sony Qriocity. 

So, the beloved Walkman can be yours once more, but with a phone and media centre to boot. 

But it also is friendly with social networks, and allows users to share and discover content via “deep” Facebook integration as well as Twitter, through a native application called ‘Timescape’.  

Running on the latest Gingerbread 2.3 platform, it also provides access to over 250,000 applications from Google Android Market.

The Android Walkman also contains a bundle of audio extras including ‘media discovery’ application, TrackID, FM radio, Mp3 music tones, stereo earphones and speakers (natch). 

The slick smartphone with mineral glass front is just 56.5 x 106 x 14.2 mm and is lightweight at just 115g. 

“Consumers want smartphones to deliver a rich and social entertainment experience. Rather than a one dimensional music experience, they want instant and seamless access to new content, combined with the ability to share and connect with their friends,” Nikolaus Scheurer, Sony Ericsson Head of Product Marketing, said. 

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Live with Walkman will be available globally in “selected markets” from Q4 2011, so here’s hoping this mean, mobile music machine is heading Down Under.