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AMX Launches Affordable Room Control Products

The new product lines are an expansion on the ProCon portfolio – AMX acquired UK based AV switching and control equipment manufacturer ProCon late last year.

AMX claims that its new Novara product line consists of all-in-one, configurable control pad systems that combine a user interface with device control in one, flush-mount keypad, while the Solecis line features switchers, presentation switchers and distribution amplifiers.

AMX Chief Technology Officer, Robert Noble says, “With the introduction of Novara and Solecis, AMX is providing our dealers with a wider range of device, content and asset control solutions, enabling them to meet nearly any K-12, higher education and business need – from simple classroom A/V control, all the way to the most-complex, highly-integrated, fully-automated auditorium. Our new Novara and Solecis products are the first of many that AMX will be developing for a large segment of the market that needs reliable, high-quality, single-room solutions at an affordable price point.”

Novara Product Line

The Novara Control Pads provide simplified control of presentation devices such as projectors, projection screens, video displays and other A/V equipment. The control pads are configured using a user-friendly software application called the Novara Device Configuration Software (DCS), which eliminates the need for traditional AMX programming.

The Novara 1000 Series is available with 8 or 16 buttons and provides control of devices via the following control port configurations:

· 1 RS-232 Port – To control an LCD/DLP projector, plasma screen, etc.
· 1IR Port – To control a DVD player, VCR, etc.
· 2 Output Ports – To drive relay devices
· 1 Input Port – To detect input or logic-level control

The Novara 2000 Series Master Control Pads are available with 4, 6, 8, 16 or 24 buttons and add two additional control ports via the following configurations:

· 2 RS-232 ports
· 2 IR or Serial ports
· 2 output ports
· 1 input port

Additionally, the Novara 2000 Series can be expanded for larger systems using a Novara Slave Pad.

The Novara 1000 and 2000 Series feature blue, backlit buttons with programmable feedback. Each control pad ships with 50 button label inserts to ensure fast, easy and cost-effective installation. The control pads are available in white, black and brushed aluminium.

Solecis Product Line

The Solecis product line extends AMX’s A/V distribution capabilities beyond matrix switching to include standard switchers, presentation switchers and distribution amplifiers for smaller, single-room environments. These switchers are ideal for rooms with one projector/display in which a single computer source is used at any given time and are available in the following configurations:

· 2×1 RGBHV HD15, Stereo
· 2×1:2 RGBHV HD15, BNC, Stereo
· 4×1 RGBHV HD15, Stereo
· 6×1:2 RGBHV HD15, Stereo, CP

Solecis Presentation Switchers are designed for applications requiring the display of composite or S-Video sources, in addition to RGBHV, via a single projector/display. Solecis Presentation Switchers are available in the following configurations:

· 2×1:2 RGBHV, 3×1 S-Video, 5×1 Stereo
· 4×1 RGBHV, 6×1 S-Video, 10×1 Stereo

In addition to these switchers, the Solecis line also includes several RGBHV Distribution Amplifiers with BNC or HD-15 connectors. The new amplifiers enable a single, high-resolution video source to be replicated numerous times while maintaining the integrity of the original source.


The Novara and Solecis product lines can be used in conjunction with one another or with any AMX Control System. Each of the new products will be available in Q3 2008.

See: www.amxaust.com.au