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Intel To Showcase New Chips For Mobiles & Thin Notebooks

Among the new products to be revealed will be the first processors using 32-nanometre architecture; Intel’s previous smallest platform has been 45-nanometre.

The company will also shed more light on its so-called “Dale” chips at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, which opens tomorrow.

Intel plans to host around 5000 developers, technologists and journalists at the IDF, as it lays out its game plan for 2010.

Arrandale chips will be used in laptops, netbooks and even smartphones and ultramobile devices, starting next year. Clarkdale chips are aimed at desktop PCs.

Intel is making rapid progress in creating smaller, more integrated chips to speed up performance while drawing less power, says Steve Smith, VP and GM, Intel’s digital enterprise group.

“Moore’s Law is alive and well,” Smith said. “One of the benefits is to bring Intel architecture to what I’d call mobile Internet devices, handhelds, tablets and all the way into the future of cellphone devices.”

In the fourth quarter, Intel will start mass production of 32-nanometre chips. By shrinking chips, Intel can boast performance and power benefits.

Arrandale is a two-chip package for laptops, with an integrated graphics processor. It is the first Intel product to put two processor cores and a graphics function together in the same chip package.