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Dodo & iPrimus Outed Over Misleading NBN Speeds

The ACCC is on a roll, outing three more internet providers who could not deliver their promise on NBN internet speeds, this time the guilty parties are Dodo, iPrimus and Commander.

Dodo, iPrimus and Commander will have to refund more than 5000 of its customers who bought NBN speed plans.

There are 3,384 Dodo customers, 1,912 iPrimus customers, and 565 Commander customers who were unable to achieve the speeds they were paying for.

Affected customers will be offered options for remediation, including moving to a lower speed plan with a refund or exiting their plan with a refund and no exit fees.

Earlier this week iiNet and Internode were caught out advertising misleading NBN speeds and were asked to refund 11,000 of their combined customers who were on NBN plans.

The ACCC says between 1 October 2015 and 30 June 2017, Dodo, iPrimus and Commander advertised a range of NBN speed plans. For example, iPrimus advertised its highest speed plan as “Download speed: Up to 100Mbps. Upload speed: Up to 40Mbps. 100/40 MBPS is as fast as you can get and will surely feed your need for speed.”

Sarah Court, ACCC commissioner says, “Dodo, iPrimus and Commander have admitted that by offering speed plans that could not be delivered, they likely breached consumer law by engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct and making false or misleading representations.

“Affected customers may prefer to exit their contract with a refund rather than accept a service that does not meet their needs. Dodo, iPrimus and Commander will also be required to tell new customers if they are not getting the maximum speeds advertised to them.”

Court adds, “The ACCC has now accepted undertakings from eight internet service providers, who have all admitted they likely misled customers about internet speeds. As a result of these undertakings, more than 75,000 affected consumers are being contacted by their internet service provider and offered remedies. New customers will also now be told if they are not getting the maximum internet speeds they were promised.”

Dodo, iPrimus and Commander will be contacting affected customers by email or letter by 27 April 2018, outlining the options that customers have. All three companies are subsidiaries of Vocus Group.


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