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CES 2013: Hello… ‘Smart’ Home Phone?

  As mobiles get even smarter, home phones too are stepping up their game.

The hot new UrbanHello is the home phone for the 21 century.

The French-designed phone sports an ultra funky, retro design (and looks like a kitchen implement). It will be revealed at CES in Las Vegas this week.

This smart home phone knows how to automatically switch to a loudspeaker or ‘hands free mode’ when required and has an inbuilt 360° HD speaker for ultra clear ‘hellos’ and deep bass sound.

Retailing at $85 in the US, Urban Hello – the smart home phone is tipped as a hot product in 2013 and received an ‘Innovations Award’ nod from the judging panel at CES 2013 – the first ever home phone to do so.

UrbanHello also has an ultra minimalistic keyboard and two OLED displays are located on the top and at the bottom of the handset which are self activating. (We’re impressed so far).

It has a range of up to 50m indoors/ 300m outdoors, and can memorise 20 contacts.

UrbanHello phone won’t suck juice either and has a standby time of 8 days, say its maker.

It is compatible with any pre-installed base station and with Australian systems.

  “The Smartphone was conceived for the individual. The Home Phone was designed for the whole household,” says Hervé Artus, Founder of UrbanHello.

However, no word on if or when it will hit Oz yet.