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CES 2013: TCL TV Invasion ‘World’s Largest’ 110″ 4K, Google + Cloud TVs


Yes folks, CES is upon us once again and Chinese brands like TCL, Haier and Changhong are increasingly present at the massive electronics show taking place in Las Vegas this week, alongside better known rivals Panasonic, Samsung and LG.

Shenzhen-based TCL (The Creative Life) will debut its new Smart Cloud TV and ‘cloud family’, HD displays and AV goodies including 3D soundbar and home theatre system at the 46th Consumer Electronics Show.

The brand, which is usually keenly priced compared to bigger names, will also reveal a Google TV this week along with Asus and Hisense, Google confirmed last week.

TCL’s new 26″ Super Smart Cloud TV is leading the cloud family. It has a super-slim shape, simplified smart apps, and can be controlled by both gesture and voice commands.

Users can also do exercises and engage in social interactive activities via Weibo (China’s answer to Facebook), and supports WiFi of course, allowing a slew of Internet entertainment options (hello Quickflix) on the big screen. 

TCL’s Cloud TV boasts a unique 26″ big-panel iCE SCREEN, which is”the largest mobile cloud terminal device available,” say its maker.

It is equipped with a mobile power source so will easily be portable. It is not confirmed if the set will be sold in Oz but TCL said it will make announcements about local availability in the coming weeks.  

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CES 2013 will also see TCL’s cloud-based smart digital home solution unveiled, called ‘Tcloud Home,’ which services home appliances from the cloud, cloud apps and provides cloud-based storage.

TCL will also show off the world’s largest (110-inch) 4K high-definition 3D LCD TV – jointly developed by TCL and China Star Optoelectronics, at CES this week.