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Bang & Olufsen Proves Technology Can Be Art: 55″ BeoVision 11

The latest addition to their bespoke television range is the BeoVision 11. Immediately the BeoVision 11 deviates from the norm by looking more like a square and less like a rectangle, housing six additional speakers below the 16:9 screen.

This 40″, 46″ and 55″ LED backlit LCD is the first in B&O’s range to have access to the company’s web portal, which hosts popular apps (including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter), local unspecified content and an internet browser. For easy internet browsing B&O has released a free BeoRemote application for Apple’s iPad and Android tablets, allowing owners to take advantage of their native touchscreen technologies and QWERTY keyboards.

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The Company’s CEO, Tue Mantoni, revealed Bang & Olufsen imagined the BeoVision 11 to be a TV that would unify an array of up-to-date digital entertainment.

“We want to provide our customers the same premium experience no matter whether they are watching TV, downloading a film, using the internet or trying out the latest video game. BeoVision 11 has been designed to keep up with everyone in the family – and to keep them amazed, with nothing between them and their content – as technology continues to evolve in new directions.”

Connectivity on the whole is pretty good with the BeoVision 11 as it features DLNA for multi-room audio, WiFi, 6 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and 5 power link sockets, with 2 channels each for an external home theatre system.

It’s also characterised by a suite of picture enhancing software. Movies typically run at 24 frames per second which isn’t ideal for TV viewing. B&O has tended to this by interpolating where objects should be and blending the original frames for noticeably smoother playback. Additionally, it features an ambient light sensor which measures room lighting and automatically adjusts the TV’s brightness for ideal picture.

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The same level of intuition is displayed when switching between TV channels, internet sites and Blu-ray movies as the BeoVision 11 automatically tweaks its audio and visual settings to deliver the best possible experience.

There’s so much more to Bang & Olufsen’s range than intelligent technologies. The BeoVision 11 is evidence B&O believe technology can be art. Unlike Apple, who engineers products to satisfy the largest possible audience, Bang & Olufsen don’t compromise their vision, tailoring each product to individual preference.

B&O offer the BeoVision 11 with six different front fabric colours, a front frame in silver or black and a rear cabinet in black and white. If that isn’t enough, they also offer the TV in four stand option, including motorised wall brackets and floor stands.