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Update: 201″ Outdoor LED TV Rises Gloriously From The Ground

Deep down every red blooded male wishes he could be James Bond. Between the exotic cars, various love affairs and unbelievable gadgets, there’s a lot to be desired. Fortunately for a lucky few, their James Bond fantasy is one step closer and they have Porsche Design to thank.

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Porsche Design has worked with C’Seed—an Austrian entertainment company—to produce a 201 inch LED television that rises from beneath the ground and unfolds in an origami like display. Resistant to the elements, I can only imagine the tolerance for compromise between engineers and designers was near to none as this television is not only equipped with jaw-dropping smarts, it remains a thing of beauty. 

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The automated TV takes a total of 15 seconds to rise from the ground and unfold its 7 LED panels in another 25, which join together into one seamless screen. LED panels are incredibly bright, but watching TV in the outdoors could see some of the vibrant colours flushed. To prevent a compromise in colour, this TV has 5,000 nits of brightness and can rotate 270 degrees. Other impressive specs include its 100,000 Hz refresh rate, a 4.4 trillion colour palette and a 15 speaker sound system that outs a total of 3,600 Watts.

Say it: Bond, James Bond. Check out the Bondesque commercial below for your own take on the gizmo.

Smarthouse has reached out to C’seed to see if this outdoor cinema will be available locally and will update this article with their response.

Update: C’seed’s Marketing Manager, Linnea Nilsson, responded to our pricing and availability query with the following: 

“The C SEED 201 is available and orderable at any time. With regards to the price tag, we prefer…not to talk about real dollars, but rather compare the price with a super sports car.”

Super sports car? There’s a lot of grey in that sentence, but one thing for sure is this luxury set-up will don a luxury price tag.