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#FML: IPhone 5 Sparks Fury

#FML: IPhone 5 Sparks Fury

The #Fmylife website, where folks list their life’s woes, saw Apple’s newly released iPhone 5 top the list for ‘that sucks’ moment in September.

This is despite the fact the smartie went on sale only in late September, toppling other gripes including boyfriends who masturbate too much and not having enough change for the bus.

Lack of wow on the new iPhone, and draining battery were among the woes cited with the new Apple, both online and on Twitter.

Here a list of our favourite i5 gripes:

“I’ve been waiting 6 months to upgrade to the #iPhone5! No cool new features, #FML”

“Today, I finally got my hands on the new iPhone 5, after I pulled it out of a patient’s rectum.#FML”.

“Tried to get my iphone 5 and cspire in laurel and Hatti sold out gotta wait till next week.#FML””

“Showing my mum how to use a iPhone 4 and showing my dad how to use a iPhone 5. I now have the worst phone in my house.I basically drained all my battery before I even started work.#FML”