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Projector Market Set For A Shake-Up

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New lampless projectors using Phlatlight LED technology are claimed have no DLP colour wheel; no consumable to replace for the life of the projector; no filters to clean; less heat, which means smaller fans will be needed and therefore less noise; lower power consumption than today’s products; the lamp brightness will remain constant for the life of the projector, unlike today’s products which dim a lot over time; they’ll be smaller because they don’t need to dissipate as much heat; better contrast ratio than current DLP’s; and finally an improved colour gamut.

According to Rob Plowman of Herma Technologies, who produces screens for the projector market, it will be like reinventing the wheel.

“This new technology means the life of a projector will be about 13 years at least, if the projector is used four hours a day for 365 days a year,” he says. “While there is low light of between 600 and 1,000 lumens, there is no reflection off a colour wheel, which means the projection is “clean” from the get-go.”

He believes the initial roll out will be aimed at the home theatre market, then gamers, and finally the corporate and education sectors. “Gaming will be a good market because gamers spend a lot of time playing, and these projectors will have a much lower running cost than today’s products.”

Until recently, the brightness of PhlatLight LED projection has been limited to use in portable pocket projectors. With both companies working together, the PhlatLight LED-based DLP projectors will see instant start-up, stable brightness and colour over the lifespan of the projector, according to Luminus vice president Christian Hoepfner.

Hoepfner added that the PhlatLight LEDs enhance the broader color gamut, accuracy and saturation, with higher contrast and deeper black levels.

Apparently several leading projection manufacturers will debut such projectors later this year and early in 2009, and lampless DLP projectors for corporate and education markets powered by PhlatLight LEDs will be released next year.
So what’s in it for buyers? Consumers receive a cost savings from reduced power consumption enabled by LEDs as well as the elimination of maintenance costs such as lamp replacements and filter changes required by some other projector