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ViewSonic Rolls Out Pocket-Sized Projector

ViewSonic has launched a new ultra-portable LED projector with integrated stereo Harman Kardon speakers.

The palm-sized M1+_G2 weighs in at 750 grams, and includes integrated wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, preinstalled Netflix app, and 360-degree smart stand.

It has a native resolution of 854×480, but supports resolutions up to 1080p; additionally, its battery lasts up to six hours, and the light source is rated for up to 30,000 hours. It can project large 100” images from 2.6 metres away, the manufacturer claims.

Jack Hung, Country Manager at ViewSonic Australia, describes the compact projector as an “entertainment chameleon”, and says it balances its compact and lightweight design with high-end technology.

“ViewSonic is an industry leader in visual technology. We are dedicated to innovating and upgrading LED projectors, making them smarter, easier to use, and thus enhancing the user experience,” he said.

The M1+_G2 retails for $569 at outlets including Kogan.com, Wireless1, Mwave, and Scorptec.

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