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Panasonic Eco Air Conditioners To Blow You Away?

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Panasonic’s new ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Deluxe Inverter E Series line with sensor detection moderates temperature according to room usage, deliver up to a 30% energy saving while cooling and up to 40% while heating, via remote control.

The new  series also includes 5 new cooling-only models.

In addition to ECONAVI energy saving intelligence, Panasonic’s Inverter system makes constant adjustments to enables quick cooling when needed while reducing power consumption compared to conventional non-Inverter units.

And they can tackle harshest Australian temperatures, say its makers. The air conditioners start at $1275 CS/CU-E9MKR for 4.5 star rating and go up to $$3266.  The cooling only CS models start at $1066.

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Users may also select ‘Autocomfort’ mode, which has the added feature of high activity detection to increase cooling when activity in the room increases.

The new E series also achieves significantly higher Energy Star ratings than predecessors, has an e-ion Air Purifying System with Patrol Sensor to detect levels of dirt in the air and eliminate more than 99% of dust, bacteria, mould or virus instantly, Panasonic claim.

The filter is positively-charged to attract negatively-charged particles, ensuring that the air is free from harmful particles, helping to minimise respiratory irritations. 

The ‘Mild Dry Cooling’ feature helps prevent a rapid decrease in air moisture while maintaining the set temperature so the air is less dry, for a more comfortable atmosphere in the home. 

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“This smart technology senses when there are people in the room, and also how much activity is occurring, and automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly so less energy is used. Energy saving is as simple as the push of a button,” says Shane Quinn, Air Conditioning, Panasonic.

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