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BREAKING NEWS: Massive Sonos Backdown CEO Pleads Angry Customers

Sonos have announced a massive back down after their customers trashed gthe brand online following a recent decision to nobble older Sonos speakers.

48 hours after trying to nobble their loyal customers Sonos speakers in a desperate ploy to drive a new speaker sale, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence has been forced to write to customers who faced having their Sonos speakers disabled claiming the Company has made a massive mistake.

In an email to customers he wrote “We heard you. We did not get this right from the start. My apologies for that and I wanted to personally assure you of the path forward’.

He then went to claim that ‘First, rest assured that come May, when we end new software updates for our legacy products, they will continue to work just as they do today. We are not bricking them, we are not forcing them into obsolescence, and we are not taking anything away”.

Supplied undated image obtained Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014 of the Sonos Play: 1 wireless speaker, the company’s entry-level speaker, which costs $299. (AAP Image/Sonos) NO ARCHIVING, EDITORIAL USE ONLY

His email follows an avalanche of criticism around the world following the Company’s decision to nobble speakers purchased between 2006 and 2011.

He said “Many of you have invested heavily in your Sonos systems, and we intend to Honor that investment for as long as possible. While legacy Sonos products won’t get new software features, we pledge to keep them updated with bug fixes and security patches for as long as possible. If we run into something core to the experience that can’t be addressed, we’ll work to offer an alternative solution and let you know about any changes you’ll see in your experience”.

“Secondly, we heard you on the issue of legacy products and modern products not being able to coexist in your home. We are working on a way to split your system so that modern products work together and get the latest features, while legacy products work together and remain in their current state. We’re finalizing details on this plan and will share more in the coming weeks”.

He concluded “I hope that you’ll forgive our misstep and let us earn back your trust. Without you, Sonos wouldn’t exist and we’ll work harder than ever to earn your loyalty every single day”.

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