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New Clipsal C-Bus Program For Control Systems

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This allows all Clipsal C-BUS lighting, curtain, temperature and other controls to be monitored and activated whilst roaming anywhere, all from the palm of your hand.

The integration of the Clipsal C-BUS was shown as one of the highlights at the CEDIA trade expo this year and was greatly welcomed by integrators from all over the country. The new C-Bus 2-way module is exclusively written for the Philips Pronto and Marantz control products and will be provided via accredited integrators around the country.  This interactive 2-way module uses the JavaScript programming language that allows programmers to create visually stunning and intuitive control interfaces for otherwise complex systems through the Pronto & Marantz’s colour touch screens.

QualiFi’s Business Manager for Control Products, Joe Salamanca said, “We are thrilled to offer such an advantageous control interface for the Australian market. For a long time, seeing the status of lights in a home or commercial building has been the domain of control systems costing up to 4 times more and relying on lengthy and costly programming.”

“Now we have thrown the ‘cat amongst the pigeons’ by not only offering a highly scalable control system for a fraction of the price and making it an ‘easy to integrate’ solution, but best of all there is very little setup required and the plug-in module is made available ‘free of charge’ to accredited integrators. We believe that this is the missing link that architects, interior designers and integrators have been longing for. Finally an attractive and easy to use hand held unit that allows audio visual, lighting & HVAC control all in the palm of your hand,” Joe added.

Features of the new C-BUS control module include the ability to switch any C-Bus lighting group or scene and display the status of any room’s current lighting and temperature.  It even shows you the level of light dimming through the use of either a graphical bar and/or a percentage indicator. When lights are on, the control panel will indicate the status via the use of a glowing button or light indicator.

Saving energy and the environment is made simple via the information that is seen and easily controlled from anywhere using secure Wi-Fi technology by simply tapping the Pronto & Marantz’s 3.7″ touch screen. You can now easily turn off lights in areas that aren’t being used without needing to go to that area.

The Pronto/Marantz 2-way integration module for Clipsal C-BUS is now available for download by accredited Pronto/Marantz control systems integrators through the dedicated support website found at www.in-control.com.au.

See: www.qualifi.com.au