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Apple Expected To Charge Even More For Next iPhone

Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone 8 will reportedly be the company’s most expensive smartphone ever.

A report from The New York Times said the new “premium model” with OLED display and other new features, which is expected to be launched alongside updates to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus next month, will be priced “at around [US]$999”.

While this converts to about $1,265 locally, a better indication of the expected Australian price can be sourced off existing iPhone prices, which factor in GST and other local costs.

The most expensive iPhone currently offered – the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB – is sold for US$969 in the United States and $1,569 in Australia.

Based off this, the iPhone 8 may be sold for north of $1,600 in Australia. This would see it priced at least $100 higher than Samsung’s recently announced $1,499 Galaxy Note 8.

Along with an OLED display sourced from Samsung, the new high-end iPhone is expected to feature an almost bezel-less design, facial recognition, and wireless charging.

The latest rumours suggest Apple will launch the new iPhone at an event on September 12.

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