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iPhone 8’s Facial Unlock “A Nasty New Surprise”

iPhone 8

Trusted leaker and Forbes tech whiz, Gordon Kelly, has revealed Apple intends to replaceĀ its fingerprint Touch ID with a facial recognition unlock system for the iPhone 8. Kelly has described the feature as a “nasty new surprise”, in light of obvious privacy concerns.

Rumours have signalled the use of facial recognition software as part of the iPhone’s camera, however, the move away from Touch ID is a notable change in habit for Apple users.

Reports have unveiled the effectiveness of the 3D facial scanner, stating it will have the capability to sense a user’s face “in the millionths of a second”.

If replacing Touch ID – used for verifying Apple payments – soon users may simply have to look into their iPhone’s camera to access banking apps.

Tech equity research firm, BlueFin Research Partners has also offered their agreement of the claim:

“It is our belief at this time that fingerprint sensing will NOT be included at launch. We are still grappling with the touch ID/fingerprint sensing situation as we continue to uncover mixed messaging”.

Currently, the marketplace is filled with speculation and rumours as to what the iPhone 8 will contain. Some commentators believe the device won’t even be titled ‘iPhone 8’ rather ‘iPhone Pro’.

Speculation is the smartphone’s launch date will be similar to its predecessing device, therefore in mid-September. Others have reported “technical issues” and have suggested delays.

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