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Amazon Planning Wearable Child Tracker

After being given permission earlier this week by the FCC to monitor your sleep using radio waves, Amazon is now considering developing an Alexa-driven wearable device that will allow them to track and monitor your children.

Aimed at kids aged between four and twelve, the GPS device could be a wristband, keychain or clip, according to documents for the codenamed ‘Seeker’ device. It would be voice-activated and provide access to kid-friendly content.

This product was first explored in mid-2019, according to Bloomberg, and it is unclear at what stage it is now.

What is clear is that Amazon has partnered with Disney for the ‘Magic Band’, a wearable for children that is due out later this year.

These could be the self same product, especially considering Disney already tracks guests in its theme parks and hotels with a ‘MagicBand’ wristband, which is described as “colourful, waterproof wristbands—resembling a watch or bracelet—that you can quickly and easily touch to a sensor called a touch point.”


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