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Panasonic: “The Most Innovative Cordless Phone”

Panasonic: "The Most Innovative Cordless Phone"

The company is basing the bold claim on their repeater station technology, which will extend their 803 cordless phone’s operating range by up to twice as much. The smarts keep on coming, with the phone being operational during a blackout.

The batteries in one of the cordless phones can be used to power a base station in the event of a blackout, while the other handset can be used to make and receive calls. The batteries will provide three hours of talk time in such an event. 

The company’s home Communications Product Manager, Charissa Sano claims this new cordless phone will satisfy the needs of consumers.

She said: “recent research has told us that Australians are looking for a home communication device that offers security and reliability, as well as stylish design and an easy to understand feature set.”

“With technologies such as Power Failure Talk System Technology, an easy to read full colour TFT LCD screen and enhanced signal transmission via the Repeater Station, we believe that this new Series has all bases covered.”

In addition to a high resolution 1.45 inch colour LCD is the ability to adjust bass and treble via the menu, allowing the phone’s pitch to be tailored to the individual’s ear. Panasonic calls this ‘Equaliser Optimisation Technology’ and—combined with the phones Long Range Clear Sound error correction technology—it delivers clearer, uninterrupted phone conversations.

The new 803 series is available now at $179.95 for a twin pack and $229.95 for the triple.