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New Atdec Gear Adapts To Any Environment

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Atdec’s Levitate uses intelligent design to cleverly hide untidy computer wiring in a way that doesn’t make it difficult to adjust monitors and TV screens, irrespective of their size or weight. They’ve managed to keep them out of sight while allocating generous space to suit any setup.

“We took risks never contemplated before in ergonomic work tool design and the result is a feat of engineering,” said Jerome Green, CEO of Atdec.

“No other mount offers Levitate’s ease of use and versatility, even with larger, heavier computer monitor displays, and from a design standpoint the remarkable visual appeal speaks for itself.”

The monitor mount uses aluminium and stainless steel materials for a futuristic look that contributes to the aesthetics of the TV or monitor. It uses Levitate’s Dynamic Lift Assistance (DLA) technology to allow rotation of its arms a full 360°, adapting to the space restrictions of any workspace.

A bolt through mounting option will support monitors up to 13kgs in weight, while the included desk clamp has a 9kg capacity, although a heavy duty desk clamp that supports 13kg displays can be purchased.

An option rotation limit can be installed to protect the monitor, walls and partitions from unwanted contact. For more information, check out their website here.

The company already has a proven track record with its SpacePole, which is currently being used to prop 1.5 million monitors, Eftpos machine, iPads and accessories around the world.

It is an ideal retail aid that makes every day transactions convenient for employees and customers. The solution can be integrated with most of the technologies found in retail environments and help maximise efficiency of operations.

Customers can build their own mount configurations for iPads, monitors, payment devices and accessories that suit their workplace.

Some of the companies that use SpacePole include Coles, Ikea, Aldi, Toys ‘R’ Us and Woolworths.