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Revealed: Leica Camera By Apple’s Jony Ive

Revealed: Leica Camera By AppleApple designer Jony Ive has designed a Leica rangefinder camera, along with respected Sydney born design guru Marc Newson, all for Red Auction charity. 

The Leica M digital 35 mm full-frame camera, has super specs including: a full-format CMOS sensor, a high-performance processor, and Leica’s APO-Summicron -M 50-millimeter f/2 ASPH lens. 

55 engineers took part in the process of making the custom-built Lecia, spending a whopping 2,149 hours on the build. The camera body has 21,000 perforations, apparently. 

The Leica took 85 days to make, during which over 550 models and 1000 protypes were tested. 

The body also has Ive’s signature anodized aluminum and features a pattern of small, laser machined holes, similar to speaker grilles of Apple’s MacBook, notes Apple Insider. 

The custom built Lecia will go up under the hammer on November 23 at Sotheby’s alongside 18-karat solid rose gold Apple EarPods, also built by the design duo. No word on price but its likely to be a hefty sum.