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‘8-Core’, Waterproof + 16MP Cam: Is This Samsung S5?

Korean publication Naver point to the specs on new Galaxy S5, citing Samsung insider sources 

The report suggest  S5 will have a quicker than expected release – in January/February 2014  – after sales of S4, released in April, were below phone giant’s expectations. However, this would go against previous reports than S4 was one of Samsung fastest ever selling mobiles. 

But, more importantly, it will have a far quicker processor- eight core Exynos processor based on 64-bit architecture – “not a “pseudo” eight-core chip based on ARM big.LITTLE architecture,” reports the Korean site.

S5 is also rumored to get an image makeover – with a metal build (no plastics here, sir), a higher quality 16-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization, waterproof like Sony’s new Xperia, and dustproof.
One in three smartphones sold globally are Samsung, figures from analysts Gartner suggest. The Korean giant sold 71.3 million smarties  – more than its biggest four competitors put together – in the second quarter.