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Yamaha’s New CLP-700 Series Clavinova Digital Pianos In Oz

Yamaha’s new CLP-700 Series Clavinova Digital Piano is now available in Australia. The Clavinova offers a range of updated features, such as allowing users to record their performance via the USB Audio Recorder, a new touch sensor control panel, and a refine speakers system that produces a clear sound with depth.

In this product, Yamaha has used new samples for the voices of two concert grand pianos: the bright Yamaha CFX and the deep resonance of the Bösendorfer Imperial. “The highly distinctive sounds of these pianos feature lush harmonics and vivid resonance created from the sympathetic vibrations of the strings and soundboard, faithfully delivered in response to your articulation and pedalling,” Yamaha stated.

It also has a new metronome with 20 built-in rhythms.

For easier setup and greater control, the Clavinova integrates with the free Smart Pianist App, which connects to the digital piano via Bluetooth.

The CLP-700 Series includes the CLP-735 ($3,599), the CLP-745 ($4,399), the CLP-756GP, CLP-775 ($5,799), CLP-785 ($7,599), and CLP-795GP.

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