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Next Gen Xbox Consoles To Launch November 10: Leak

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series X and its smaller counterpart, the Series S, will reportedly release on November 10.

According to a leak reported by Windows Central, the Series X will retail for $499 USD ($685 AUD) and the Series S for $299 USD (just north of $400 AUD). Xbox All Access financing plans will be available for both consoles, at $25 USD/month for the Series S and $35 USD/month for the Series X.

A picture purported to be of the Xbox Series S has also leaked.

The rumoured Xbox Series S. (Source: Brad Sams)

In the new image revealed by Brad Sams, the Series S appears to have a large vent, and be closer in profile to the current-generation Xbox One than to the larger Series X. No disc drive is visible in the image, which would position the Series S to take on Sony’s PS5 Digital Edition.

The Series S has not yet been officially confirmed by Microsoft; however, it was listed on leaked packaging from a next-gen Xbox controller last month.

Rumoured specifications indicate that the Series S, codenamed “Lockhart”, will have 7.5GB of RAM, be capable of 1080p and 1440p gaming, and feature a lower-performance CPU and underclocked CPU compared to the flagship Series X.

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