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Ring Doorbells Gain Lutron Smart Lighting Integration

Amazon-owned smart doorbell and camera maker, Ring, is set to integrate with Lutron smart lighting systems, further increasing its push into professional home automation.

The integration will allow Lutron users to have their lights turn on automatically when a Ring device detects movement – suitable for family members, or distracting intruders.

Lutron personalised smart lighting systems are distributed in Australia by Avation. Lutron’s Ra2 Select is an affordable option for those who want simple, smart control of their lighting, with Ring integration set to increase value perception.

Lutron’s Caseta, Ra2 and Caseta Pro are all set to gain integration support for all generations of Ring doorbells and cameras.

The feature will automatically trigger lights to turn on for fifteen minutes at 100% brightness.

Users can reportedly also apply advanced motion settings, with lights automatically timed to turn on at expected times (e.g. when returning home), customisable via the Lutron app.

Lutron states the integration with Ring doorbells and smart cameras will commence from September 30, with local pricing and availability to be confirmed.

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