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Xbox One Working With Razer For Keyboard And Mouse Support

It seems the Xbox One could soon have support for a keyboard and mouse, something gamers have been hoping for quite a while.

Reports from Windows Central says Xbox is working with gaming manufacturer Razer to enable its Chroma RGB lighting support tailored to an Xbox One.

Chroma RGB has visual cuses for abilities coming off cooldown.

Windows Central says, ‘Gamepad support is still a requirement for all titles, and the Xbox can only support one mouse and keyboard per console, unlike gamepads, of which it can support several.’

Source: Windows Central

This support adds the question on whether or not those with mouse and keyboard support have the upper hand in multiplayer games like Fortnite. If that is the case, those with controllers would only battle each other to keep the playing even.

Some games on Xbox One work better with a keyboard and mouse like Age of Empires DE and Minecraft, whose Bedrock Version is the only game with keyboard and mouse support.

Earlier this year, Microsoft spoke to developers about keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One. Documents show they were planning to release mouse support to April update of the Xbox dev kit.

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