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Nearly 50% Of Aussies Distrust Social Media

Latest research from Roy Morgan reveals Facebook is the most distrusted form of media in Australia, with the ABC voted “by far” the country’s most trusted.

The firm’s MEDIA Net Trust Survey reveals 47% of Australians distrust social media in general. By contrast, only 9% distrust the ABC.

Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine, affirms “distrust is the critical measure everyone’s ignoring.”

Research reveals Aussies trust the ABC because of a “lack of bias and impartiality, quality journalism and ethics”.

Distrust for Facebook and social media is attributed to “false statistics and fake audience measurement” coupled with “fake news” and “manipulated truth”.

[Roy Morgan]

SBS came in as Australia’s second most trusted media brand, followed by Fairfax.

The three organisations were the only media brands to receive a positive net trust score (NTS).

Conducted over four rounds, Roy Morgan’s MEDIA Net Trust Survey spanned across 1,111 respondents.

According to survey respondents the top 5 drivers of commercial television distrust are:

  1. False new / fake news
  2. Bias
  3. News is sensationalised / focus on controversial stories
  4. Pushing commercial or political agenda
  5. Too much advertising

Levine asserts high levels of distrust hold important commercial value, with the following associated consequences:

  • Distrust triggers audience churn
  • Distrust kills audience engagement
  • Distrust kills advertiser spend
  • Distrust is the tipping point for reputational damage
  • Distrust is the bellwether for an unsustainable future


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