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Samsung Sues LG AS 3DTV OZ Battle Kicks Off

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The Korean TV makers are taking their Smart TV battle to courts following airing of a series of comparative ads by LG, shown on Aussie TV screens since May 1.

The ads, Samsung claim, are deceptive and exaggerated, filing an injunction with the Federal Court of Australia on May 12 to further prevent their broadcast.

Despite winning an initial six day injuction blocking the ads from air, the Galaxy maker failed to gain further extensions at a time which is  “uncontroversially the biggest period of sales” a Sydney court heard today from representations by Samsung counsel John Hennessy.

There had been two rounds of ex parte applications and an interlocutory proceedings before today’s hearing, CRN reports.

LG’s controversial advertisements which have screened over the past month, including during major sporting events like last weeks State of Origin and Super15 rugby promoting its new Cinema 3D TVs, which it claim they are far brighter than its rivals equivalent 3DTV range.

And the brand has come back fighting the claims, denying that its ads claimed superiority over Samsung, even though the ads themselves clearly imply so.

The next hearing will be heard on June 21 next.