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Tom Tom Releases Charger For The Fast Lane

Tom Tom Releases Charger For The Fast Lane

The new device is a first for the company, which says it can charge devices such as navigation, mobile s or even power-hungry portable DVD players up to four times faster than other chargers at the same time.

The High Speed Multi-Charger, which boasts the company’s philosophy in design to bring a sleek and small, neat in-vehicle charger to market, ensures that the PND always receives the right amount of power under all circumstances.

It includes two dedicated USB ports that provide full power at all times, without splitting the charge between ports.

As well as a 1.2 amp USB charging port suitable for mobile phones or MP3 players, there’s a 2.1 amp port to speed-charge high power USB devices such as tablets or smart phones, and charging up to four times faster – without impacting the other port’s charging capability. There’s also a dedicated port for powering 12V in-car devices like DVD players.

This multi-port full power functionality means that drivers who are always on the road can charge and use all their electronic devices during the trip. Those planning an upcoming weekend getaway, will also be able to keep the kids happy with on-the-go charging of items such as tablets and mobile phones – all while navigating.

Nick Saisanas, marketing communications manager at Tom Tom, said the device was “truly a game changer”.

The new TomTom High Speed Multi-Charger is in stores now at an RRP of $39.95.