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Breakthrough In Ceiling Speaker Design

The Company claims that the new Elios speakers incorporates never before used technologies and one-of-a-kind mechanical design that bonds a Titanium / Aluminum nano coating to a Teteron dome substrate.

This in turn  delivers the high frequencies, precision, speed and transient response of metal tweeters yet retains the smooth sound of soft dome tweeters resulting in a best-of-both-worlds solution says the Company.

Elan claim that the Elios speakers use higher power-handling components for their crossover networks than most other brands and that a completely integrated approach to crossover design, combined with new optimisation software elevates the speakers to an extremely high level.

“Elios represents the best sounding, highest performing speaker line that ELAN and our family of Companies have delivered to date,” said Bob Farinelli, ELAN’s President and Chief Technology Officer. “Homeowners no longer consider whole-house audio simply as background music. Digital audio has brought crystal-clear music directly to the ears of millions, and that same high-quality sound is now expected for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and beyond”.

Also unique to Elios is a completely new and improved and state-of-the-art drywall leg clamping system which Elan claims is made of virtually indestructible plastics, each clamping leg rests atop its own “leg tower” which ensures a quick release every time.

Running through the clamping leg is a specially designed heavy-duty screw, capped with an acorn nut for the protection of the Installer and to prevent accidental disengagement. Additionally, the base of each clamping leg is considerably wider than traditional legs, providing increased surface area for a more secure fit against the inside of walls and ceilings without causing the drywall to crumble.

See press release here.