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Oops! Skype iPad App Goes Live ..By Accident

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“We’ve temporarily removed Skype for iPad which went live prematurely today,” it tweeted six hours ago. 

This was in order “to ensure your best Skype experience” thus clearly the iPad app still needs some tinkering with. 

“We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting Skype for iPad and apologize for the inconvenience,” the VoIP experts tweeted. 
Skype’s app for iPad and iPad 2 promises chat, audio and video calling, Skype’s vice president of consumer and product design, Rick Osterloh confirmed to Apple blog TUAW earlier this year. 
The iPad version will be different to iPhone version, already available but will have all the other Skype-like functions, Osterloh added. 
The main difference is users can summon either one of their cameras on the iPad to make a face-to-face call. 
The tablet app, announced in June was to be released in the following month, Skype had said, so the release is overdue. 

However, app should be hitting an iPad near you, for real, very soon.