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LG Unveil 55 Inch Passive 3DTV As Rivals Samsung Sweat

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Pictured: LG get Passive with new 3D TV

The LW980S unveiled today is described as a “a top of-the-class” Smart  TV and “sets a new benchmark” with Cinema 3D technology,  Nano Full LED (which disperses light evenly for a brighter screen) in one TruMotion 400Hz set.

Addressing one of the big problems with 3D technology to date, LG’s new brainchild comes with “comfortable” and affordable glasses that don’t need recharging.  

It also features proprietary 2D to 3D conversion technology that allows users watch all content 3D ready. This is done by automatically guessing the depth in 2D TV broadcasts and DVDs to produce the illusion of 3D. 

LW980S is also “Flicker-Free” meaning no dizziness or headaches will be experienced by viewers, another complaint from 3D displays.

And the LED TV is also the world’s first 3D display to receive this tick of approval, from TÃœV and Intertek, two of Europe’s top testing agencies, to boot.  

“Viewers no longer have to worry about the dizziness or disorientation they might experience watching other 3D TVs,” LG boasts. 

This self praised “jewel in the crown” technology will irk 3D TV rivals Samsung, in particular, considering one of its exec’s apparently branded its Korean rivals LG “stupid shits” for its claims to have full HD on 3D sets, in April. 
As per LG’s other 3D sets unveiled in Oz earlier this year, the LW 980S come with the nifty ‘magic motion’ remote, which allows users to point directly at the application they want rather than pressing a litany of buttons, giving a “mouse like experience” to TV controls.

Also, the wide viewing angle “ensures [viewers] can watch the TV from practically any position in front of the TV, whether sitting, leaning back or lying down.”

The set, which some in 47″ or 55″ size options, comes with 3D Video-on-Demand available through LG Apps. The TV also comes with ‘Smart Share’ tool allowing users share content between the user’s TV, mobile and other devices like laptops.

“The LW980S is the crown jewel of TVs as it includes the most advanced technologies and features we’ve developed at LG over the years,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG, Home Entertainment. 

“We’ve set a new benchmark in connectivity, picture quality and sheer viewing enjoyment.”

No pricing or availability info as of yet, but we do know LG’s LW980S will be shown at Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin  (IFA Berlin), from September 2-7 next.
And it looks like the only way is up for the Korean maker, who recently anounced the development of the first large screen OLED TV, pipping Japanese rival Sony to the finish line on that score also.