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Digital Radio Truce: Car Give Away As DAB+ Turns 3

Digital Radio Truce: Car Give Away As DAB+ Turns 3

Digital radio is turning 3, and much like a toddler learning to take its first few steps, the technology has amassed a few proud achievements of its own. Today more than one million listeners subscribe to the new technology, and as it becomes a standard in cars and trucks, that number is destined to grow.

Presenters scattered all across Australia and from various radio veins (including AM, FM, DAB+ digital radio, the ABC and SBS) will be working side by side from their respective states between 5-9am on the 24th of August to promote digital radio.

The broadcast will take place in the central locations of Sydney (First Fleet Park), Melbourne (Federation Square), Brisbane (King George Square), Adelaide (Victoria Square) and Perth (Perth Cultural Centre).

The stations will be spruiking the availability of digital radio as standard in select Toyota vehicles. Although BMW and Audi intend on launching the technology as standard, Toyota is the first to do so and to celebrate the milestone, they plan on giving away five cars during the event. One winner in each state will be able to choose from a Camry Atara SL, Camry Hybrid HL or an Aurion V6 Presara. 

The Chief Executive of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner, recognises a large audience listens to the radio while driving, and that digital radio will continue to grow by tapping into that audience.

“The industry is delighted Toyota has included DAB+ digital radio as standard in selected Australian made vehicles,” began Warner. “34% of all commercial radio listening is in cars and the radio industry wants drivers to be able to experience DAB+ digital radio while driving.”

Further details and a full list of stations and presenters participating are attached or visit www.digitalradioplus.com.au.