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Microsoft Claims $100 M Savings to Oz

Microsoft Claims $100 M Savings to Oz
At the Kickstart technology event in Queensland, Chief Technology Officer John Sheridan said consolidating the number of resellers has allowed the software giant to pass on savings of $100 million to one of its biggest Australian customers – the government.

The CTO attributed the savings to a shift of the whole-of-government purchasing system for software used on the Government’s 300,000 desktops.

Sheridan said Microsoft had cut the number of resellers from 42 to one, according to reports.

However, he is referring to government users and not Joe Soap consumers.

Microsoft is among several US tech giants being investigated over allegations of price gouging Aussie users and was last week summonsed to stand before a parliament IT pricing inquiry alongside Apple and Adobe, which will take place next month in Canberra.

SmartHouse contacted Microsoft on the issue last week, but the company did not make any comment.