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Work-From-Home Here To Stay, New Report Suggests

MELBOURNE: Many employees currently working from home due to the coronavirus may never have to return to the office, according to a new report put together by NBN Co and Startup Oz,

“Remote working is here to stay,” quoth NBN Co’s chief information officer Debbie Taylor, announcing the report yesterday

“The test for companies, in particular for larger organisations, will be how they embrace a culture of remote working and support it with the right technology, tools and routines for employees.”

How that will be received by the workers is currently anyone’s guess.

It’s probable for instance that employers will seek to reduce wages if they don’t have to supply many working spaces.

Taylor did not devote much time to discussing how such a prospect might play out. But she did suggest that expectations for a remote workforce could include “regular one-on-one catch-ups with leaders and new videoconferencing etiquette for staff meetings”.


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