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Windows 10 Most Used Function Glitches, Causes Global Frustration

Windows 10 users are reportedly fuming after one of the operating system’s core features stopped working.

Dozens have taken to social media posting that the Windows Search function stopped operating for them, as of this morning.

‘The taskbar search doesn’t work for me now, I have to scroll up and down the start menu like an animal,’ one frustrated user tweeted.

‘I thought it was just me until I saw other people reporting the same thing within the past few hours,’ another wrote.

Users report that when they use the desktop search tool it wields a blank box instead of related results from their search.

Despite the global glitch, it is unclear as to how many of the Windows 10 system’s 800 million worldwide users have been affected by the issue.

It’s an embarrassing mishap for Microsoft, as the search tool is one of Windows’ most used functions and, under normal circumstances, usually makes it easy for users to find the results they’re looking for – whether it be apps, emails, files and other content stored on their computer.

However, now instead of their content showing up, users are left with a big, blank grey box.

But some users have claimed that disabling Bing in the Windows 10 Start Menu will resolve the issue.

It comes after the US National Security Agency (NSA) discovered a major security flaw in the Windows 10 operating system, which could have been utilised by hackers to create malicious software that would appear legitimate to users.

Microsoft later issued a patch to that bug and claimed it had seen no evidence of it being exploited by hackers.

Microsoft has been contacted for comment.

(AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

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