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What Australians Are Searching For On Google During COVID-19: Food, Booze, DIY, Iso Tips

The number of global Google searches related to retail spiked over the 90 days ending 31st March, with Australia seeing searches for food retail queries like “home delivery”, “coles online” and “woolworths for seniors” increasing by a massive 1,850% over the first 20 days of March.

Search interest for “virtual drinks” was highest in Australia and New Zealand globally, followed by the UK and Canada.

In its latest trends report, Google said that there was also growing search interest in “homemade hand sanitiser” in Australia and “can you freeze” in New Zealand, reflecting increased interest in home DIY and cooking projects.

Last week we reported on Australians spending 71% more time on cooking websites. In addition, stores like Bunnings have seen higher sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to The Lab/Nature’s “COVID-19 Brand Navigator State of the Nation Report” released in April, 52% of Australians believe that self-isolating will give them the opportunity to try new things, and 48% of respondents said they think it will help them rediscover their passions.

While there has been a global increase in DIY-related searches, Australia and New Zealand were both among the top-10 countries showing interest in this area. Interestingly, ‘do it yourself’ searches peak at midday in Australia, while New Zealand residents search most for this at night.

Australia was also among the top countries searching for landscaping and other outdoor home projects in March. “Puzzles” are another hobby Australians are showing a lot of interest in.

In keeping with gym equipment flying off shelves at stores across the country, people are searching more for health and fitness videos, as well as specific gym items like “stationary bicycles” and “weights”.

panic buying gym equipment at kmart

Outside of DIY, cooking and other projects and hobbies, Australians are evidently concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy. The search term “rental relief” saw a significant increase across both Australia and New Zealand. Indeed, we have noted that despite government efforts, commercial rental relief efforts have fallen short in many ways.

During the past week, the most searched Australia’s most searched questions on self-isolation were:
1. When does isolation end?
2. What is self isolation?
3. What to do in self isolation
4. How to deal with isolation
5. Why is my ex calling during self isolation?

Source: Google 21.04.2020



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