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Wall-Mountable Amazon Echo Show 15 Ready For Xmas

Amazon’s biggest smart display so far is available for pre-order, with the 15.6″ Echo Show 15 targeted for your wall before Christmas with new features and smoother UI.

It showcases new Alexa widgets for smart home controls, shared calendars and sticky notes, planting it as a central hub, with the kitchen in mind.

It will stream Netflix, Prime and YouTube, with the touchscreen display full HD in 1080p. Plus, there’s a pic-in-pic mode so you can see who’s at the door through your smart video doorbell or security cam without having to pause your show.

Another plus with it being on the wall is you can use it as a picture frame.

There’s also a Visual ID feature that lets it recognise who’s looking at it through a 5MP cam and present personalised material.

The cam also makes it an excellent vehicle for video calls.

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