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‘iMaps’: Apple To Dump Google Maps

Instead it is to concentrate on a 100% home grown Apple mapping service for iOS 6 – its next operating system, which is said to offer iPhone and iPad users 3D maps, reports 9to5Mac.

“Apple will drop the Google Maps program running on iOS since 2007 in favor for a new Maps app with an Apple backend” according to the Apple intelligence site.

Apple in-house engineers are referring to the new application as simply “Maps” although it is not known if it will christen it iMaps when it goes live.

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Image: 9to5Mac

And the service is also tipped to be faster and cleaner than rival Google’s eponymous Maps service and will provide “photo-realistic” 3D mapping, the Apple source indicates.

Earlier this year, the giant signalled one of its first moves away from Google with use of OpenStreetMap mapping service for  iOS in March and also developed its own iCloud storage service released for iOS 5 last year.

Cupertino are also looking to replicate Google’s Street View with a similar type service, which C3 Technologies is working on, meaning millions of Apple users will be even further weaned off Google applications.

And it s all thanks to the recent purchases of Placebase, C3 Technologies, and Poly9 tech companies which has given Apple the intelligence to go it alone on mapping.

 iOS 6 is said to be launched at Apple WorldWide Developer conference next month.