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New iPad iPhone Security For Your Next SmartHouse

New iPad iPhone Security For Your Next SmartHouse

Who could it be? Whip out the iPad or iPhone 4, and you instantly recognise your neighbour Melanie, shown in crystal clear HD video – come to water the indoor plants, as arranged, she tells you.

A bit of chat, press an iPad virtual button, and the security door back at home swings open to let Melanie in. You ask her to bring in the newspapers you can see lying against the front wall where the delivery chap tossed them.

Welcome to the T24 IP door station from German maker Mobotix, introduced to Australia yesterday at Mobotix’s annual big bash for Down Under channel partners in Sydney.

With a sweeping 180-deg., highly-detailed high-res view and world-spanning IP connections, the T24 is the new star in the Mobotix line-up, aimed at both householders and high-end business users.

More than 100 partners attended the Mobotix show at Sydney’s Dockside convention centre yesterday, and most seemed to like what visiting training director Jens Wirok from headquarter was showing.

The Mobotix security gear differs from many of its competitors; most are high-res, have “hemispheric” very wide, highly detailed views, no fans, no moving parts and have the necessary software embedded in the camera housing.

Businesses need fewer of them: a single hemispheric camera, for instance, can cover four lanes in a large service station, yet close in to grab a closely detailed number plate.

In Australia, Mobotix has a number of major instillations, including 250 speed camera sites for the NSW Roads and Transport Authority; St George and CBA banks; a number of WA port authorities and NSW councils; and universities. – David Frith