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Panasonic Revamps Plasma Range

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The new Viera Plasma line-up includes the PZ850 and PZ800 Series of Full High Definition (FHD) TVs, and the PX80 and PX8 Series of High Definition (HD) TVs.

Panasonic Australia’s Director of Consumer Electronics Group, Paul Reid said, “Year after year, Panasonic has delivered innovative picture-improving technologies to flat panels and 2008’s increased line-up continues that trend. With the digital switchover on the horizon and an increased awareness of high definition, consumers now demand blacker blacks, faster response time and the billions of colours that Viera Plasma TVs deliver.”

Panasonic’s continuing commitment to Plasma technology is evidenced in the construction of the company’s fifth Plasma panel factory in Amagasaki, Japan. Expected to be completed in 2009, the new factory will have a production capacity of 1 million panels a month, giving Panasonic the world’s largest Plasma manufacturing capacity.

Panasonic’s Full HD Viera Plasma TVs offer outstanding images, delivering 5,120 equivalent steps of gradation, 134 billion viewable colours, a maximum 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, integrated High Definition Digital Tuners, and 100Hz double scan technology for flicker-free, smooth motion. A new anti-reflective filter on the front of the TVs provides the viewer with clear, crisp images.

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Connectivity is available throughout the VIERA range, with VIERA Link, HDMI input, SD Card slot, and PC input. For outstanding sound, the PZ850 Series features four speakers and SRS TruSurround XT, and all models offer two full-range speakers and 20W audio output.

The new Plasma range includes Panasonic’s new protective sheet of toughened glass which can withstand up to 4 joules of impact, ideal for the active loungeroom and also easy to clean. The PZ850 Series 50-inch FHD and PZ800 Series models also offer a convenient swivel stand.

Panasonic’s manufacturing process ensures that all Viera Plasma TVs are lead and mercury free. This reduces the impact on the environment when recycling or disposing of the products in the future.
The range also has a long lifespan of 100,000 hours or more than 30 years if used eight hours a day, seven days a week. This is achieved by an enhanced phosphor processing method and other unique Panasonic technologies. Panasonic also continues to focus on ensuring more efficient use of energy with each generation of its Plasma range, with enhancements across panel, driver and power supply.

Model, RRP, and Availability are as follows:

TH-65PZ850A (65-inch Premium Full HD 1080p):  TBC, November
TH-58PZ850A (58-inch Premium Full HD 1080p): TBC, October
TH-50PZ850A (50-inch Premium Full HD 1080p): TBC, August
TH-50PZ800A (50-inch Full HD 1080p): TBC, August
TH-46PZ800A (46-inch Full HD 1080p): $3299, July
TH-42PZ800A (42-inch Full HD 1080p): $2899, June
TH-50PX80A (50-inch HD): $2399, June
TH-42PX80A (42-inch HD): $1899, Now
TH-42PX8A (42-inch HD): $1699, Now

See: au.panasonic.com