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What Is It About SanDisk That Attract The Memory Could Be’s

What is it about unknown Asian flash memory makers who when launching in Australia make wild claims that they can take out the likes of SanDisk, Samsung or Lexar. Last year it was Tomato Flash, this week it is equally unknown brand Microdia.

Microdia claim that they will “take SanDisk’s #1 position” in the $220 million dollar Australian flash memory market”. This is despite the fact that they only have the BSR Group as a retailer of their products. Several major retail chains that ChannelNews spoke to this week including both digital camera and phone retails said that they had never heard of Microdia.

One major retailer of Digital Camera’s said “During the past 12 months several distributors have approached us to stock unknown Flash Memory brands. We will not be stocking them because memory is critical and research shows that consumers trust a known brand over an unknown brand. It’s a bit like the notebook market, who buys an unknown brand today.” 

Josh Welling Country Manager for SanDisk said “It’s easy to make claims but harder to deliver on the claim. We have heard it all before. ”

12 months ago Tomato Flash claimed that it would become the largest supplier of flash memory card products in the Australian market within five years with 40 per cent market share, today they are struggling according to GFK.

Distributed in Australia by Neltronics, Microdia is set to make an appearance at the PMA Expo in Brisbane this week. The event that will several memory brands launch new products is set to be a key event for memory makers as several digital camera vendors are set to launch new products.
Stuart Poignant Marketing Director at Canon said “We are now giving away an 8GB SD Flash card with every flash based camcorder we sell and over the next few years the market for flash memory is set to grow exponentially. Very soon we could be giving away 64GB cards as the price of Flash Memory falls”.

He added”With the consumer memory brands and the trust people put into them are important. Brands like SanDisk, Verbatim, and Lexar are trusted brands that the consumer known’s. To go with an unknown brand is a risk”.

Neltronics national sales manager, Lee Jefferies told ChannelNews” We are still talking to retailers about our product. We do aim to knock off SanDisk and we have the range to do this”.

Its product range includes multi-slot card readers, adapters, single-slot card readers, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, along with Bluetooth personal entertainment devices.

The main product for the Company is their Xtra Elite 300x compact flash series for professional photographers. These have a range of capacities from 2GB to 64 GB, with prices ranging from $99.95 to $1,995.