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Vodafone, Nokia Live 5G Trial Produces Speeds Up To 5Gbps

Vodafone and Nokia have conducted a public 5G trial at the University of Technology Sydney, producing speeds of up to 5Gbps. In what Vodafone states was “the first live public 5G demonstration in Australia”, the trial used the 200MHz spectrum, with the tests also showing latency of 3ms.

A virtual-reality trial, using footage recorded with Nokia’s Ozo 360-degree camera, showed the transmission of eight simultaneous streams of content.

Vodafone CTO Kevin Millroy noted that the Internet of Things (IoT) “calls for a technology which can handle an immense amount of simultaneous connections, far greater than the capabilities of 4G networks”.

“While our 4G network is better than ever, and is continually improving, at these growth rates, the industry is searching for a solution to support higher volumes of data traffic” he said. “5G will enable our customers to use more data in more ways, at faster speeds than ever before.”

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